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Rationing News

NHS England has published their response to the public consultation on Procedures of Limited Clinical value (things like tonsillectomy and grommets). This looks like a sensible approach. I hope this is adopted. Contrary to what you might think, if this is adopted, it would INCREASE access to surgery for many children with ENT problems. Current funding criteria are MORE restrictive than what NHS England proposes!,FJ49,117UFE,1RPPA,1

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Good news! Previously grommets surgery was not funded in children under 3 years of age in Nottinghamshire. However, grommets surgery is now being funded irrespective of age. The other funding criteria

Great meeting today at the National ENT Audit Day. Lots of interesting discussion about emergency care, including periorbital cellulitis, tonsillectomy complications and neck infections. It was great

New research study today reports that 7 out of 8 children having tonsillectomy are unlikely to benefit from surgery, based on a large study of GP databases. However, they seem to have forgotten about

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